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DecorBook Classic : Moss Balls, Naturally

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm re-running this article from October 22, 2016 (and again in 2019). Another 3 years have passed and moss balls continue to be a decorating favorite of mine. We still see them everywhere in rooms on social media and on the pages of my favorite print shelter magazines. You can buy them everywhere from the Dollar Stores to IKEA to Pottery Barn to online. They add depth to any tableau as every room benefits from a bit of green. I plan to use mine in my Christmas minimal decorating this year but that's another story. In the meantime, have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Funny how one decorating accessory can play into real life. One of my first phone calls with P back in 1985: "What are you doing?" "Making moss balls." "Huh?" "Maybe you ought to come over and see." Some things just can't be explained. As you probably know, moss balls are iconic. They provide a naturally green touchstone whether live or preserved. Best of all, they're easy to make. Take a look at these rooms and maybe you'll come to the same conclusion that every room should have a touch of moss.

Just a tiny bit of green in a pale room brings in another natural element.

Two iconic decorating ideas - a giant clam shell and moss balls.

An easy "plant" for an urn.

Moss balls can provide a "pot" for a plant.

Consider other greenery works, too.

Moss goes with any decor and any season. Great with pumpkins, Easter eggs, red Christmas ornaments or simply by themselves.

In our springtime entryway alcove, boss balls from the 99 Cent Store and an old brown leaf covered ball spray painted green.

sandpiper (pinterest)

Since moss balls are easy to make or are readily available almost everywhere (Target, IKEA, Michaels/Joanne's, florist supply stores), here's hoping some moss finds its way into your rooms.

Well, maybe not this much.

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