DecorBook Classic : Christmas at Home, 2017

I'll admit it. I've got a "thing" for Santa. And I've had a lot of help collecting Santas over the years - Santas from P and my mom, trip souvenir Santas, Connie's painted wooden Santas and an office party game Santa where no one would "steal" from me as everyone knew how I felt about Santa. No wonder it's the "Year of the Santa" in our rooms this year.

This year, I've corralled all the Santas in trays around the house. Here's a bunch in the entry way. It makes displaying easy peasy.

Moss balls (from the $1 Store and the like) fill in the empty areas on the trays.

Santa musicians in the entry way. Turns out, around 3 p.m. every day, a mirror ball ornament on the tree catches the afternoon sun to provide a cool light show on the walls. Who says Santa isn't magical?

More Santas on the tree.

Red IKEA throws on each arm of the sofa keeps the room festive.

Santa-free living room fireplace and black mirrored lampshades on the sconces.

Little keepsake vignettes on kitchen shelving.

Santa on a match box sleigh from my mom's childhood. Bavarian been box from friend Cheryl.

Garlands over a framed drawing in the kitchen, snowflakes on the windows.

In the main floor powder room, Santas delivered on a silver tray.

Family room table Santas and a paper Santa hat on a collage. Years ago, my mom gave me the Norman Rockwell Santa print from the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, MA.

A close up of a dozen Santas. Whew, enough with the Santas!

In the entry way, 99 Cent Store snowflakes and a Mourning Dove from the Alameda Flea Market.

And outside, real Mourning Doves enjoy this Christmas Eve afternoon. Here's to Santa bringing you joy, peace and health this Christmas.

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