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Places We Go : glassybaby

Do you love colored glass objects? I've never really been in love with colored glass but my field trip to glassybaby may have changed all that. In search of something yellow for the living room mantel and armed with samples of the color I wanted (a ceramic pear and pillow fabric), I ventured over to glassybaby's hot shop in Berkeley, CA.

glassybabies are small glass containers for a votive candle or a sprig of flower or a little wine. There were lots of yellows - Daffodil, Lion's Heart, Rubber Ducky, Sunshine, Imagine, Angel. In the end, Roots was my prefect color.

At the Berkeley store, Marjorie was happy to put some of the yellows in a black box so I could see the full effect. These were too orangey.

Here's my glassybaby's new home on our living room mantel.

And then there's the price. Always looking for a deal, these seemed too expensive. glassybabies are $44 which is a bit rich until I realized these are little pieces of art - each one a little different from the next.

Marjorie told me that some people have hundreds - a collection for holidays, summer and oh, you get the idea how addictive these could be.

palyssa rosenheck photography



Here's the "hot shop" in Berkeley where you can watch glassybabies being created. There's also one in Seattle.

Events at the hot shop include learning to blow your own glass art. And, glassybabies can be rented out for parties, including weddings.

Here's what they were glassblowing the day I was there.

Glassblowers work their magic at the Berkeley hot shop. There are stores are in Bay Area, Seattle and Portland. You can also buy at Created by a three-time cancer survivor Lee Rhodes in Seattle, 10% of each sale is donated to the glassybaby white light fund. And they come gift wrapped.

So maybe $44 isn't so much for a handcrafted - charity minded - gift for you or friends filled with hope or joy or whatever you want it to be. Needless to say, I'm smitten.

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