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Color Game: White and Red

Don't you love crisp white with a little barn red?  That got me thinking about a little mind game I play with any shelter magazine or on Pinterest.  It's fun to put together a whole house with an unlimited budget just using pictures.  This game can lead to all kinds of ideas you can use in your own rooms.  Are you ready to play?  To start, let's say someone gave you this little cabin.  What would you do inside?   I'd be in favor of white interiors accented with red  - timeless yet modern.  Let's look at how we could imagine the interior using photos from Pinterest

White glossy floors and red checked slip-covered chairs.

Just a little red in the kitchen brings all eyes to the window.

Cheerful plaid curtains in the bath.

Fresh design for a bedroom.

Statement linens for the other bedroom.

So, there you have a little white and red cottage that I would love to live in.  Hope you play my little game and let me know what happens. 

Enjoy your February, a month for white and red if ever there was one. Even in my cereal bowl this morning agrees.

Photo Credits: (Cottage of the Year - Coastal i / Southern Living Home),,,,,, blogger's own.


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