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Welcome to DecorBook.  If you like stylish ways to get "the look" for just a little bit of money, you've come to the right place.  I promise I'll do my best to inspire you to create the rooms that can make a house your home - filled with personality and fun.                                                 



DecorBook Interior Design Blog now published weekly and distributed Sunday morning.

(photos : Easter eggs (pinterest) & panettone @ World Market )          

About Kathleen

Meet gWitster 


Muse Me!   Everyone needs a muse - especially when decorating your rooms.  Let me introduce gWitster Finds.  He hangs out on Pinterest as over 15,000 followers know.

gWitster's quite particular in introducing great decorating ideas by pinning the best Pinterest can offer.  His boards are finely curated, showing great home design so you

can easily see ideas without plowing through scrambled egg recipes and sweet nail polish designs. 

Be sure to check out gWitster's Happy Hour ideas, right here on DecorBook.  Fun, inexpensive projects that will make you smile!

I must admit I have a big crush on gWitster and I bet you will, too. 

As gWitster always says, "Muse me..."

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