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TWEAKS+inspiration : Summer Pillow Toss

The Dog Days of Summer have swooped in with a vengeance this year. With the sun blazing almost everywhere, we're wearing bright summery clothes. How about bringing summer colors into our rooms? Let's take a look.

There's no doubt this living room is in summer mode with fresh flowers and gorgeous, billowy print curtains but that bouquet of flower pillows really steals the show.

Have you looked at pillow covers on Etsy? There's a zillion choices, some made in decorative fabric you may recognize. Wayfair and Amazon have more affordable covers and IKEA is a great place to buy feather inserts.

A monogramed pillow is classic and don't you love this one in hot pink?

Another thing about bright, colorful pillows is that they can easily move from room to room.

Bright summer colors work with dark upholstery as well.

Any color goes!

Come autumn, pillows and art could be easily traded for the orange and olive in the blanket.

Imagine a kids' room in a cottage by the sea.

If bright and print pillows are too much for your rooms, consider just a fun trim on white linens.


Don't forget your bathroom can take a bright look for summer with a garden chair, indoor/outdoor rug and bright towels. The idea is to brighten up our rooms with bold colors and prints to let the sun shine in. Have a happy Sunday and stay cool!

Did you know? "In Greek and Roman times, the end of July through August was historically a period following the heliacal rising of the star system Sirius (known as the "Dog Star"), which astrology connected with heat, drought, sudden thunderstorms, lethargy, fever, mad dogs, and bad luck." ~ Wikipedia

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