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TWEAKS+inspiration : Finally, a Front Garden

Welcome to our new front yard!

Last week, we left off with me detailing supplies for our new front yard. As you can see, it was a mess. At only 40' x 16', it's just a patch. Who could imagine it would take 4 days to complete the "remodel?"

I let the grass go this winter knowing good things were coming.

Suddenly, the grass was gone.

Fabric weed barrier goes down and is secured every 3 feet.

Plant placement. I was short 8 plants.

Last Sunday, I looked at four different nurseries, including Lowe's and Home Depot. Just looking for the most healthy plants, critter resistant. At Home Depot, I chose French lavender for the empty spot. That makes 40 plants added in total.

All planted, along side California Gold quartz rocks. I've not found any real gold yet.

A compactor compacted the rocks.

A new automatic drip irrigation system now waters each plant.

I had my heart set on metal edging to separate the rocks from the bark. This time of year, that edging is scarce in the Bay Area. We had to wait a few days for Amazon to deliver.

Now iron edging separates bark from rocks. I'm not sure about the gorilla bark but I needed something that can withstand wind and help retain water.

The coast live oak (on right) got a big haircut yesterday too. Hopefully, these plants will be gopher and deer resistant as promised. Look forward to them growing into a field of color. Happy Sunday!

before photo : thanks for Jim for a drone shot!


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