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TWEAKS+inspiration : Easy Easter Decorating

Do you go all out with decorating for holidays? If you have little kiddies, you might be up to your ears in bunnies and baskets and eggs right about now. But if the Easter Bunny isn't making a personal appearance at your house, maybe keeping holiday decorating to a minimum is the way to go. Sure, you want your decor to reflect something special is happening, but what is the right amount and where should you do it?

The entry way is a great place to set a holiday tone. The table hosts two cement bunnies and some speckled eggs corralled in a tray. Not too syrupy but still a way to say, "Easter is the air."

A very special, a very old rabbit hops out every Easter and lands on the living room mantel. I think it was my father's, circa 1915. It only comes out once a year surrounded by moss and faux cabbage.

And what about this herd of rabbits you saw up at the top? They came from an unlikely source, Blockbuster (remember when you went to a store to rent a movie?), discovered for $1 each in a closeout bin. Once, you could squeeze them and they would say the most unsavory things, not at all suitable for an Easter bunny. When the ability to talk eventually wore down, they got green grosgrain ties and what's left are 9 adorable bunnies perched on the settee in my office.

You can tie color theme in throughout the main rooms of your house. This spring, it's bright Daffodil yellow colored pillows in living room.

From sunroom to living room.

More pillows in our sun room, along with Connie's yellow vase. And on a kitchen shelf, some ceramic pears.

Good Luck with your holiday decorating. A breath of the holiday seems like a good way to go; but just so you know, all bets are off when December rolls around.

  • Thanks, Layne! I truly appreciate your interest and comments. Happy Easter!

Kathleen on Apr 15, 2017

  • always look forward to your news, and lovely ideas here . Thanks for sending them my way. Appreciate the way you look at and put items to use , as well as the crisp look you have .

Layne on Apr 11, 2017


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