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TWEAKS+inspiration : Cheeky Checks

Consider the cheeky check. Maybe one of the oldest patterns in our interiors, it's as fresh as it's ever been. A checkered pattern typically consists of two colors criss-crossing each other at right angles, forming repeated identical sized squares across the fabric. Checks come in different patterns - check, buffalo plaid (plaid limited to two colors), houndstooth, gingham - but let's keep it simple and get inspired.

Don't you love a youthful checkered fabric on a traditional upholstered bench?

Buffalo plaid drapes add a joie de vivre to this room.

A large buffalo plaid works well on a library's walls.

A checkered fabric on the back of a piece of upholstered furniture is a classic.

A perfect example of updating a very traditional room.

This check reminds of me of my first house. I sewed blue&white gingham cafe curtains for my bedroom. Connie later used them in her cabin at Mt. Hood. Fun to see them in their new space.

A diamond pattern is checks set on their points. It looks good in a simple kitchen.

And it looks fantastic in a sunroom with a white marble and black slate floor. If you're up for a quick change of pillows covers or curtains, why not consider a cheeky check?

PS - A big congrats to Coco! Yesterday, the US Open was so much fun to watch.


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