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DecorBook Classic : Primary Bathroom Redo, Week 1

Last week, my 24-year-in-the-making primary bathroom remodel began. On Monday, the port-a-potty arrived promptly at 9 a.m. and from then on, it's been nonstop. A 3-story scaffolding was built on the steep incline next to the house. Ingress and egress will be done on the scaffolding, keeping my house relatively clean. As you can see, suddenly, the house was a construction zone. Let's take a look.

But my house wasn't the only action around here last week. On Tuesday (let's call it "day 1"), contractor Jesus and his merry men arrived promptly at 7:45 am to get to work on the bathroom demolition. Unfortunately, that same morning, the lateral sewer workers were back with a vengeance. My construction deliveries and the sewer trucks actually got into a traffic jam at one point.

As for the bathroom demo, first up was this delightful "altar" of bathing. I couldn't wait to see it go.

By the end of day 1, the altar was gone. Then, for the next three days, tile and cement was laboriously picked away. Sheetrock was removed in areas where plumbing and electrical work was going to happen. Four inches of shower pan cement was chiseled out. It was hot, grim work and the guys filled an entire 20' truck. I'm not one to throw stuff in the landfill - but since this is a once in a lifetime remodel for me, I'm giving myself a pass.

The plan for the shower area.

By Friday (day 5), the room was a literal work in progress. The walls in the shower were cut back (for a frameless glass panel and door) - it will be nice not showering in a dark cave. The electrician was here for a couple of hours in the late afternoon. I now have a shower fan for the first time, complete with a night light operated by a new 3-toggle switch.

Hard to believe that these finishes - marble for one wall and shower surround, porcelain tile for the shower floor and wood tone vinyl planks for the floor - are sitting in the garage ready for application. In the background is the White Duck wall color I have on my main floor.

"Where do you want the tub filler placed?" A month ago, I had no idea what a tub filler was. Since the plumber was coming the next day (day 6), I made a 32"x60" template, the size of the new bathtub. That way I could move it around the room to see where it would fit best. The 2x4 on the floor is the edge of the new wall. I'm loosing 12 sq ft of the room but honestly, all those angles have driven me mad. Plus there is this wonky structural ceiling bump that provides a 7' ceiling height. My best thought was to eliminate as much of that area as possible.

So on Saturday (6th day), the plumber got to work on new copper pipes for the tub and for the shower.

At the same time, Oscar and Augustine, the carpenter, removed the two windows any passerby could peer into. Obscure glass didn't really help in this case.

Here's the view from the inside. The two skinny windows were removed and one picture window (46"x50") installed. Of everything I ordered, the Milgard window ( Ashby Lumber) had the longest lead time (3 weeks).

Here's the new view. Nobody will be looking in from the sidewalk, but I might have deer or a mountain lion peeper once in a while. Next week promises to be another busy week with drywall and installing the new floor. I had almost everything ordered ahead of time so fingers crossed, we continue to rock 'n roll. Happy Sunday - hope you are doing something special today! As for me, I'm going to enjoy the peace and quiet.


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