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DecorBook Classic : Treats for Fall Rooms

Fall purred in under sunny, albeit smokey skies last week. I was chomping at the bit to get our rooms looking a bit more seasonal. Usually, I shop our basement; but this year, I actually purchased two treats. Yippee !!! Let's take a look.

My first treat was Crate&Barrel's Oak Tree Acorns Bowl & Vase Filler (SKU 278-076, $12.95). There are 100 little acorns in this box - real acorn tops affixed to faux nuts. They look super real and I have had great fun scattering around my moss balls. Did I just write that? Sometimes, it's the little things.

I was wondering if I need even more acorns until P opined. Guess not.

Here's a look at the entire entryway table. An old black garden urn stuffed with garlands and picks purchased from Michael's and the Dollar Store over the years. Moss balls and acorns scatter on the table top.

As you can see out the windows, Carl, the Fog, was back yesterday morning. As were my velvet pillow covers from Amazon.

My second treat was more expensive but I'm calling it a birthday gift to myself. It's Target's Studio McGee Drum Accent Table (249.17.5215, $110). There were 2 banged up ones on display, but a sales associate found me a perfect one in the back. I've been looking for a update for a gray ceramic patio stool so I'm very excited!

I leaned a pencil drawing against the window seat as a backdrop for the new table. As you can see, Carl, the fog was already leaving by midmorning. Typical.

In my bedroom, I stuffed an autumn garland into a pot for a little fall flair.

Fall is my favorite season but in the last few years, it's also the fire season. Around here, we hope for smoke-free days, our neighborhoods staying fire-free and more visits from our own Carl, the Fog. Just wish he'd stay longer. In the meantime, Happy Fall !!!


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