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DecorBook Classic : Do Wild Animals Belong in Your Rooms?

Do wild animals belong in your rooms? Most successful, comfy rooms have a little bit of black, a little bit of metallic and a little bit of an animal print layered in. These accents gives a room dimension. Let's take a look at how animal prints enliven our rooms.

This room has the perfect mix of a little black, a little metallic and a few animal prints.

Consider reupholstering a chair in a timeless animal print.

Don't you love these Ralph Lauren stools?

An animal print stair runner is a decor classic, first introduced in the 1930's.


Love this wall-to-wall carpet. It's an eye-catching foundation to a bohemian room.


Fun fabric or paint retransforms a chest.

These chairs are perfect for many room styles.

While I'm not a fan of too many animal prints in a room, consider using one, maybe two in one of your rooms. Next time you run into an animal print pillow, throw rug or decorative box, consider bringing it home. You won't regret it.

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