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Color Game : A Most Dramatic House

What would a house filled with dark interiors look like? Just for fun, I found photos of dark rooms and imagined how they would look in the stately brick house above. Moody. Sophisticated. Masculine. Certainly sexy. I could see Bruce Wayne living here. Let's take a look.


The entryway with lively art and rug, greenery and a dark eggplant accent wall.

Earthy leather and a raw fireplace surround add warmth to the family room.


Shades of dark purples add layers to this black living room. Fun to see images of ravens.

Glossy black walls and a collection of "sophisticated dog" paintings elevate the powder room and provide a laugh.

Do you know the British kitchen company, deVol? I'm hooked on their TV series, For the Love of Kitchens (MagnoliaTV). This black kitchen won their recent contest. And look, there's a raven pictured on the wooden countertop.

Light leads to a successful dark deVol kitchen.

Don't you love this dramatic bedroom?

I even love the curve of the brass vanity drain pipe in this charcoal bathroom. What do you think? It seems, in many homes, a dark room is a one-off in a sea of light rooms. Have to say, I do like the atmospheric look of a very dark house.

P.S. My "unkindness" of ravens arrived back in foggy June. I'm a fan of ravens, except when they land on the roof, hooting and hollering. I caught this one watching me when I woke up one morning. Hmm. Enjoy your Sunday!

For more information on deVol kitchens -

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