50 DecorBook Ideas

When I was a single, 26 year old high school teacher in Portland, Oregon, I bought my first house directly from an elderly widow who thought a single woman couldn't get a bank loan.  We wrote out the agreement on a piece of notebook paper, contingent on the fact that a bank would loan me the money.  As a proud home owner, I took to doing up the rooms like nobody's business.  Money was tight so creativity was a necessity.

A few years later, I got married.

Together, P and I bought three more houses - a 1920's Portland Foursquare, a 1970's California ranch and our current house, a 1990's contemporary in Oakland, California.  So far, this has been quite an adventure.  I fell in love with each house while remodeling.  Eventually, we sold and moved on to next house project, only to fall in love all over again.  All the remodeling was done on a very limited budget and part of our success in quickly selling was due to what is now called "staging" the rooms.  Only, we hadn't staged a thing because that was the way we were already living.

That got me thinking.  Ever notice how some people get their houses "ready to sell?"  We all really know what it takes to make a house "sing" and I wonder, why can't we live that way before we sell our houses.  Shouldn't we want to make our rooms the very best they can be?

This is the first of a series I'm calling the series, "50 Decorating Ideas to Live By."  It's about what works for me.   Here's to falling in love all over again.

Photo of our guest room:  lamp / Bed Bath & Beyond, shade / Ross, blue and white / TJ Maxx & Marshall's, tray / IKEA, table / parents' mahogany dining table.

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