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DecorBook Classic : Screening a Room

Don't you love a screen in a room? Just counting around here, there are two out right now and two in the basement waiting for that perfect time. Seems like any room can benefit from a screen. What other object is beautiful and practical at the same time? Let's look at some fantastic screens and their place in rooms. Once we're inspired, let's figure out how to make a screen for under $100.

This screen provides as much art as a painting and may have provided the gorgeous color scheme.

Two screens? Here's a tall old-wood screen and another made from louvers, possibly from an old window. Together, they provide amazing architectural detail.

A super large painted screen dresses up a home office.

Don't you love this privacy screen in Darryl Carter's DC townhouse? Could they be old doors? It provides the perfect foil for the large modern box benches.

I can't imagine this room without this mural screen.

A delicate iron screen becomes a feminine headboard.

So much for inspiration! I know my budget couldn't afford those screens. How about an inexpensive screen made with plywood with piano hinges? Wallpaper the panels on one side, paint the other - that way, you have a second look. Paint a mural, enlarge a black and white photo. The possibilities are endless.

Upholster panels and add decorative trim before attaching with hinges.

Paint with chalkboard paint. Instead of writing on the screen, how about leaving the matt surface plain, providing that touch of black that every room should have.

Make a screen with closet doors, garage sale louvers or window shutters.

Whether you have an unused screen that needs refreshing, doors/shutters/louvers that could be made into a screen or will be starting fresh, consider "screening" your room. How often can a piece be decorative and practical at the same time?

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