Happy Hour : Tricked Out Refrigerator

Our refrigerator just turned 15. I still love it as it's perfect for two people - a small side by side with white glass doors and long stainless handles. This week, it's was time for a little birthday celebration. First, I cleaned it from top to bottom, inside and out. A makeover seemed a bit much but could a refrigerator be "tricked out?"

Before I got to the fun stuff, who knew Magic Easers work great for cleaning scuffs off plastic?

Earlier in the week, I bought these pitchers on Amazon and it's true, milk does taste better from a glass. The other jug stores my "Calvin" tea. It's named after my dear father-in-law who made a mean sweet Southern ice tea. I have "California-ized" the recipe - one bag Lipton, one bag green and one bag Earl Grey steeped in hot water, cool and refrigerate. I pour over ice, add the juice of a lemon and a little sugar - perfection.

To trick out the birthday girl, I bought five colorful placemats at the 99 Cents Store.

Then, I cut one to fit over each glass shelf.

I'm going to like opening the refrigerator to see a riot of color. It seems to be saying, "Hey, we're having fun in here."

Maybe the best part of the morning was finding leftovers for a celebratory lunch.

Can cleaning qualify as a " Happy Hour?" I remember Martha Stewart once saying that she got a lot of pleasure from ironing. I think my "thing" might be more specific - the immediate satisfaction of cleaning/organizing something in less than two hours. I wonder what's your thing?


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