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DecorBook Classic : Pin-Up Lamp

Remember the pin-up light? Growing up, they were here and there in all our houses - most anywhere there was a need for gentle ambient or bright reading light. I always loved Aunt Helen's little clip-on shaded lamp on her headboard. Still practical, as they use no floor or table space, a pin-up light is now most commonly called a "corded sconce." If you can't hardwire, these are the perfect solution as they can be attached to any wall. And best, they come in a wide range of styles and prices. Let's take a look at current trends.

Living room wall statement with a shade that can be rotated.

Seems like hardwiring in a bathroom would be safer, but don't you love the look?

Maybe a little too basic?

Layla's guest room - grommets in bedside tables so guests can easily turn off and on - genius!

Stylish unlacquered brass.

Industrial looking sconce with metal cord cover.

IKEA's Foto pendant lamp in lacquered aluminum is $20. Here's how it looks in my office.

If you're in the market for a pin-up lamp, the one in the top photo sells for $850. It's a beauty but you can find amazing pin-up lamps online at IKEA, Walmart, Amazon and LampsPlus for under $50. An easy update to our rooms while we shelter in place. Here's to shining a little light around your rooms.

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