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DecorBook Classic : Looking Up to Decorative Ceilings

In my rooms, painting is underway. More on that later, but having painters here has made me look up. A few years ago, we had our ceilings repainted basic white. That involved scaffolding so I'm leaving my up-to-20' ceilings as they are. But, a girl can dream and here's some amazing ceiling ideas.

If I walked into this room, the only thing I could do is look up.


Dramatic coffered painted ceiling.

Beadboard - farmhouse style at it's best.

In modern rooms, I think the first time I noticed ceiling beams was on the Joanna and Chip show, Flipper Upper. In the years since, they are nearly everywhere and mostly, I love them !


Mass production sheets of thin tin became available in America in the mid-nineteenth century. Tin ceilings remained popular until the early 1900s and covered a multitude of sins. One hundred years later, they still look fresh.

A Florida home with a coffered ceiling. Turns out the wood is pickled pecky cypress.

I'll take one of these amazing brick ceilings, please.

Don't you love this industrial/barn look for an outdoor patio? I can just imagine the musical sound as the rain hits. Inside, ceilings are the fifth wall. Depending on your room and style, it can be a great place to add, as Kylee (my 4-year old niece) once said, "Lots of "PHERE." That's "atmosphere" to you and me. For more on ceilings, please see "ceilings" in my category list.

BTW, I'm coming to the realization that my seven-day paint job was a pipe dream. These guys are too meticulous to slap paint on in these rooms. So far, they've been here five days and painting the actual walls just started day five. I hope to have a story about the results next Sunday; but at this rate, I'm not holding my breath. In the meantime, enjoy your Sunday !

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