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TWEAKS+inspiration : Washi Tape

Have you fallen in love with Washi tape? This repositional paper tape packs a wallop of design into a small roll of tape. Big and bold like this chevron patterned wall or the thinnest of line where the ceiling meet the wall, uses for Washi tape are limitless. Let's take a look.

Greek key design.

Random triangles.

Quilt pattern.

Washi tapes adds detail to plain panel closet doors.

A beautiful design in a French home.

Interior door edge trimmed in mint.

Sassy chair legs.

A trompe l'oeil headboard.

Washi tape comes in various widths and in a zillion patterns.

Graphic cross pattern.

Bathroom accent wall.

Stripes and dots make wash day fun. Quick, inexpensive and removable. What's not to love? Next time you're out, bring home a couple of rolls. If you're like me, you'll fall hard for Washi tape.

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