Decorbook Classic : Year-Round Velvet Pillows

Don't you love this room? Neutral for year-round enjoyment and oh-so-easy to update each season. Just visualize changing the summery, moss green velvet pillow covers to russet orange velvet. Add a few branches of autumn leaves in the vase and some gourds on the table - instant fall. If new pillows can make a room, think what the luxe look of velvet pillows can do. I've got a very affordable way to use luxurious velvet pillows in almost every room, but first, let's take a look at some inspiration.

Combine solid velvets with cotton prints.

Add calming sky blue velvet pillows in a principle bedroom.

Consider hand sewing trim for a custom look on a basic velvet pillow cover.

Velvet pillow covers can be expensive but I have a great source. This week, I bought this black velvet cover (16" x 24" - $14.69 for 2). These covers are a good quality velvet with a hidden zipper and the price is amazing. They come in 15 colors, many sizes and are available on Amazon. Just search "JUSPURBET Velvet Throw Pillow Covers."

Here's Jimmy leaning on a velvet pillows last Christmas. This moss green cover (24" x 24" - $20.39 for 2 covers) is from the same source - Juspurbet (Amazon) - and the dark green cover is from IKEA (16" x 26" - $9.99 for 1).

Another trick for any successful pillow is a good, cushy insert. I use IKEA's FJÄDRAR inserts , which are 100% duck feathers. The 16" x 24" is $7.00 and I use 2 per pillow for maximum cush. If they flatten out, fluff in a cool dryer for 10 minutes. Once you have inserts for every pillow in your rooms, you can easily change to a new velvet color with each season.

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