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Happy Hour : Spring Forsythia

Don't you love Forsythia? That neon yellow flowering shrub is everywhere right now. Since we're not lucky enough to have in our yard, the above bunch was $20 at San Francisco's Flower Market. It's a good value if you buy when the buds are tight - it should last a good month.

Forsythia has been everywhere in our house including the sun room.

Another year, this bouquet was in our entry way. When it's gray outside, it's almost like a blast of sunshine welcoming you inside.

That is, until this year. All of a sudden, I'm allergic. Plan B - artificial stocks of Forsythia from Michael's, that's $20 worth you're looking at. Not exactly the impact of a huge bouquet; but on the bright side, clean up is much easier. Enjoy the first days of March.


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Comments :

I love the look of bright yellow against a light colored background and forsythia makes a beautiful and inexpensive splash during spring. Have you ever tried dogwood as an alternative? I can remember clipping the beautiful red, pink and white flowers on their long branches and using them all over the house – cheery blossoms may work too!

R. Rebecca on Mar 19, 2016

Heading to the store this weekend to buy a pop of color Thanks for the inspiration!!!Suzanne on Mar 17, 2016

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