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May 23, 2016

Just above Fisherman's Wharf, the 2016 San Francisco Decorator's Showcase put me in sensory overload. Built in 1929 for $30,000, this Telegraph Hill house sold last August to a developer for $9,998,000.  After this month's show, he's looking to sell it for around $15M.  Mind you, it's a 3 bedroom with a quirky floor plan but the grounds are a Mediterranean wonder.  Let's circle around the exterior of the house for some ideas.


Above Curb Appeal : The entrance gate surrounded by modern, graphic trellis with climbing white roses.  

Front Terrace :  I don't know anyone who actually has a front terrace but it's a great idea.  Here's my friend Jayne standing on this one.  Not such a great idea are those little stumps in the flower bed.  According to the designer, those are "charred wood elements conjuring memories of fire-scarred tree trunks in the old growth forests across the Bay."


Windows to the Outside : Charming "window" centers on a view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Plantings : A simple color pallet - white, green and an occasional purple, including cabbages. The gardens are filled with white roses and olive trees.

cloud terrace: a pollinator-friendly garden by chih-wei g.v. chang


Balcony : A charming terrace - enclosed by a purple wall - off the master bedroom

cloud terrace: a pollinator-friendly garden by chih-wei g.v. chang

courtyard gallery garden by megan van linda


Outdoor Art : The Courtyard Garden features a mural (perhaps spray painted on 3 joined sheets of 4 x 8 plywood) which serves a dual purpose - colorful and privacy from the driveway.

Exterior Garden Wall : The wall is varied in height and ornamentation. The classic Italianate architecture plays against the modern furniture. All the patios and walkways are paved in travertine.


Decorative Features : Gargoyles dress up exterior walls. 


Water Feature : Those might be glass fish in the water.

No Blank Wall : You might think you're in Italy on the driveway side of the house. Love that della Robbias (a glazed terracotta rondel) style art piece over the door.

Light Feature : A charming light made out of copper on the driveway side of the house.

Climbers : The classic California climbers dominate the spring gardens. Next time, we'll peek inside for some terrific interior decorating ideas. 



top design : upper terrace by branden adams & jennifer invanovich


for more information:

San Francisco Decorator Showcase 2016

showcase open through May 30, 2016



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