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Hello! A couple of months ago, my husband conducted an intervention. "It's time to get DecorBook a new look." Building a new website sounded daunting but he gave me just the little push I needed. I think you'll find the new DecorBook fresh and easy to navigate and sometimes inspiring and sometimes silly enough to make you laugh.

In addition to my husband, this could not have happened without some terrific Bay Area women power - A big Thank You to web designer Lisa Erickson who did a fantastic job in creating the site I visualized, photographer Sally Robinson for taking photos of me and made that more fun than I could have imagined and to Francine Pinoni for her fascinating insights and guidance into the world of marketing.

And Thank You to You for reading DecorBook! I truly appreciate your loyalty and your sharing of ideas. It's hard to believe DecorBook started in January of 2014. As for this newest edition, if you have a minute, please let me know what you think!

(Love to hear your comments - please post at bottom of page.)

What's New
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