Happy Hour : Timeless Tassels

Have you noticed tassels seem to be everywhere? As handbag charms and on jewelry, they seem fresh and modern. Why not use tassels as an easy and affordable way to add a little "jewelry" to your rooms? Tassels are a trim design staple dating back to 16th century France and were traditionally added to drapery tiebacks. Easily made in just one Happy Hour, there's a zillion ways to use tassels these days. Let's take a look.

A tassel on the door handle in our principal bathroom. You can buy tassels at fabric stores, on line and there's usually some at our favorite discounts stores (all the different TJX stores and Ross).


Tassels add tribal drama to this bed throw.


A chunky tassel on a door handle in a Swedish room.


A dramatic wall hanging of tassels hanging from a drapery cord.

pretty stuff.tumblr.com

A punch of hot pink embellished with a wooden gold bead.


Any pillow can benefit from tassels.


Tassels can be added to bath towels, sheets or pillow cases.


Tassels are super easy to make, whether it be made out of yarn, leather, tissue or raffia. They can be embellished or plain, whatever suits your room. Why not have a fun Happy Hour making a timeless tassel or two?


If you have another Happy Hour to spare this week, I turn your attention to the just out 2021 IKEA catalog.


The new IKEA catalog is filled with tons of things I just might want including this china cabinet for our kitchen. The hard copy will be mailed out eventually, but in the meantime, just copy and paste this link to your browser for some Happy Hour fun :


top photo : mochatini.org


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