DecorBook Classic : Hangin' with Art

May 5, 2019

In this new series, let's look at classic decorating ideas - all easily adaptable in our own rooms.

I'll confess.  I'm a fan of blank walls.  Rooms need breathing room, especially to give your eye a place to rest.  But, don't you kinda love this salon-style grouping? The secret is to have enough blank wall so that the collection becomes a focal point.  Arranging art in what's called "salon-style" is a longtime classic.  Another time-honored style is the "gallery-wall."  Either can easily be incorporated into our rooms.  Let's take a look at some rooms to understand both styles.  Soon, we'll all be hangin' with art.


Salon-style wall extends on two walls and almost floor to ceiling.


Various frame heights mimic a salon-style wall.  By leaning against slim shelves, the collection can be ever-changing.


Graphic black and white, gallery-style.


Family time on a gallery-style wall. 


Summer look, salon-style.


Love this collection displayed gallery-style.


Salon-style art against light and dark walls.


A clock collection mounted salon-style.

A gallery-wall's wood shelves creates interest. 


White frames unify a salon-style staircase wall.


Online, you'll see tips for mounting salon-style collections - here's one using paper bags as a template.  Whether it be salon or gallery style, unify your installation by choosing similar colored frames and/or mats.  While we've looked at black and white art, can you imagine bold colorful photos in spring green frames?  Hope you're bubbling over with ideas.


 top photo : 




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