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When I published this article in 2016, I was excited about getting my clothes so organized. This March, my "lifestyle" drastically changed as I no longer had to dress for the corporate world. Now, 8 months later, I find myself wondering why those suits are still hanging in my closet. I'm republishing this article in hopes of inspiring myself to get my closet in sync with the life I now lead. I'm hoping it's not just filled with yoga pants but I'll let you know who it goes.

11.16.2019 / Just an update - I've gone through my closet again and came up with 17 items that have gone straight to the Salvation Army. Yahoo!

Maybe it's the Virgo in me, but I love everything clean and organized, right down to the junk drawer. I will be laying on the couch and get up to straighten a picture on a wall or fluff a pillow. When I plop back down, P always says, "Feel better now?" And I always do. Unfortunately, my clothes closet isn't always the way I would like it but right now it is and here's the story of how it came to look like the photo above.

A few years ago, we redid our closet. As you can see from the above photo, it needed... well, everything. We pieced the closet together with sections ordered online and an IKEA closet (with mirrored doors) on the back wall. Every garment now hangs on a IKEA wooden hanger and baskets from TJMaxx hold out of season accessories.

So far so good but there were too many clothes (some from the era of the Carter administration, I swear). Then, I heard about Courtney Carver and her blog called Project 333. Courtney limits her seasonal closet to just 33 pieces. Could I do that? The challenge was on.

First, l took inventory. 154 pieces and those were just the clothes on hangers. Taking out a third would be a great start. Courtney said that her life is much simpler now that she can pull out anything in her closet and easily make an outfit. Doesn't that made a lot of sense?

Inspired by Courtney, it was easy to toss pieces that were limp and faded but what about the things that, for a variety of reasons, just don't work anymore? Courtney has a great idea - keep a couple of thing you love but will never wear again. Call it eye candy.

When things have to go, try taking a photo first to remember the good times. That is why you are seeing a picture of an early 1980's hand-knit Peruvian sweater here. I used to wear in with a white Ralph Lauren shirt with a ruffled color and a long wool knife pleated skirt. Oh, to wear a size 6 again! As the day wore on, I must have tried on 50 outfits and some cool, bizarre combinations. Turns out closet organizing is super fun.

There was a pile of clothes, accessories and shoes to be tossed but it was apparent that the real work began as the less obvious decisions had to be made. Does anyone need 8 white shirts? Four black leather purses? Hours later, 61 pieces to the Salvation Army. I couldn't get down to 33 but I'm closer than ever. And, as you can see from the "after pictures," things look more organized.

Saturday night found me in a black chalk striped suit, black scoop-neck leotard, a long Kelly green scarf and "cheetah" skin flats. It only took 2 minutes to pick out that outfit and there is no way that could have happened before. Truthfully, I didn't even know some of those things were in the closet.

If you decide to revamp your closet, please let me know. Would love a before-and-after photo to share with everyone. In the meantime, enjoy yourself - inside your closet and out.

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