October 6, 2019

There's lots of reasons why we might not be looking up right about now, but maybe it's time.  Literally.  How about a ceiling makeover?  While there are ton of decorative options, including the above tin panel, let's look at some ceiling makeovers using a gallon or two of plain old paint.  It's hard to imagine how different these rooms would look if they each had a plain white ceiling....

March 31, 2019

Hot pink might not be for everyone, but don't you love what happened to this old secretary desk?  Maybe a Happy Hour is best spent with a can of leftover paint as coloring a piece of furniture might be the happiest way to recharge a room.  Let's look at some examples of fun, sophisticated and thoughtfully painted furniture.  Even if hot pink isn't our thing, these ideas -in any hue- are ripe for the pick...

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