December 1, 2019

Don't you love Christmas tree skirts?  I especially like the handmade ones with lots of personality.  Growing up, my mom wrapped a white sheet at the base of the tree and called it a day.  For years, I used a length of moss green silk duponti.  Last year, we traded in our 8' tree for a 4-1/2' which we sat on a 24" high table but the whole thing didn't look quite right.  What do this year?  Turns out, the...

October 20, 2019

Have you fallen in love with Washi tape?  This repositional paper tape packs a wallop of design into a small roll of tape.  Big and bold like this chevron patterned wall or the thinnest of line where the ceiling meet the wall, uses for Washi tape are limitless.  Let's take a look.

Greek key design.

Random triangles.

Quilt pattern.


September 1, 2019

Happy Labor Day!  As you might know, here in the Bay Area, we've got amazing wildlife.  Our Oakland house looks out onto a hill, part of the East Bay Recreation Park.  Watching from the window took on a new dimension when we moved here 20 years ago, but nature doesn't always takes its course.  A 7' gopher snake hangs out in our front yard yet our lawn is plagued by gophers. Wild hare and fox abound, yet...

July 22, 2019

Nothing says "summer" like a paper lantern.  Around for centuries, these whimsical orbs can quickly and inexpensively dress up a room for a special summer feeling.  Let's get inspired by taking a look at some rooms around the house.

Oh, baby!

A dominate globe brings in the summer.

Imagine this lantern glowing during a late even...

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November 17, 2019

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