March 29, 2020

Hello!  I'm rerunning this article from a few years ago as maybe we need a bit of sun while in our shelter&place mode.  Everything around here looks the same except that ]the slipcovered furniture was replaced last year.

Maybe it's jumping the gun, but aren't you ready for a sunny spring? Getting your rooms ready is as simple as 1 - 2 - 3.  First, choose one accent color to spread around yo...

March 22, 2020

Are you under a "shelter in place" order like we are in California?   Hard to imagine even a week ago, that it would come to this.  I'm all for doing everything we can to prevent this virus from spreading, but in the meantime, the beginning of spring came last week.  Maybe an easy Happy Hour will cheer us all up.  

Nothing says spring like an oversized bouquet....

March 15, 2020

Take into consideration we can only binge-watch TV so long.  As we consider nesting in the next weeks, why not take a Happy  Hour and "binge-read" some shelter magazines?  It's the perfect time to catch up on old issues and check out what's new. 

With almost everything online,  we really don't need real magazines any more as screen images will do.  Gotta say, even with a...

March 8, 2020

Right about now,  travel for fun is highly discouraged.  So why does that make me yearn for an adventure?  Here, in Oakland, we have rain - first time in 38 days - another reason why it's the perfect day to mind-trip!  If you're game, how about a quick trip to Normandy? 

Just so you know, we should rent GÎTE LE CERISIER in Normandy, about 90 minutes NE of Paris.   A Dutch couple h...

March 1, 2020

Last Sunday, we looked at glamorous rooms.  This week, I'm proposing using  a Happy Hour to add a bit of "glam" into one of your rooms.  And what better way than to start with something from IKEA.  Huh?  It never occurred to me, but IKEA devotees are nothing if not super creative. Take these plain IKEA glass vases as an example.  A dip of gold paint turns them into something really luxe.  Let's take a lo...

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