December 29, 2019

It's almost New Year's Eve!  Don't you love these mirror ball balloons in a shop window on College Avenue, Berkeley, CA?  What a great and easy way to bring "celebration" into our rooms. No matter what you're doing New Year's Eve, there's still time for quick and easy celebration decor. Let's look at couple of ideas to set the mood for New Year's Eve.

Focus on just one space...

December 22, 2019

Merry Christmas!  Here's hoping you're all  settled down with shopping done and presents wrapped.  Last Christmas, I was a bit lost in any decorating scheme.  As you may remember, I pared down my Christmas stash by about 75%.  The negative is that it's still shocking to look in the basement expecting to see more bins full of decorations.  The positive is that decorating this year was fast and fun.  I've...

December 21, 2019

Just guessing your holiday front door doesn't look anything like this.  Turns out, those British really know how to shout, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!  Let's take an armchair look at some creative decorations from London to Hayward (CA) to homes in Oregon. (mcqueen's florist)

Another amazing door decoration in London.

hello magazine. com. (home of english singer stacey solomo...

December 16, 2019

Happy 2020!  Don't you love a new decade?  Filled with optimism and that lovely thought of starting fresh.  

This article was originally published on 12/10/2016 but I thought you might enjoy seeing it again.  It's never too early to start making your own artwork for next holiday!

Take one look at this wreath and I bet you're thinking just what I did. "Hey, I could do that."  Seems we a...

December 15, 2019

What's fresh for holiday decorating?  This year, it's lots of multicolor rooms -  cheerful and of course, colorful!  Let's take a look at some quick decorating multicolor tricks - and to get us started, don't you love this idea for your table?  A length of black butcher paper, some chalk and the sky is the limit.  Now that the table is set, let's look at more colorful ideas.


December 14, 2019


First published 11/26/16, let's revisit these beautiful Christmas wreaths.

Every home should have a wreath - whether it makes an appearance for holidays or is displayed year round.  One of the most ancient decorating traditions, the wreath seems to date back to Persia, eventually finding its way to the first heads of Olympic Athletes in 776 BC.  Maybe some athletes saved their wreath...

December 8, 2019

This Happy Hour is all about getting some kind of skirt for our Christmas tree table.  In 2018, we gave away our 8' Christmas tree.  It took a village to get it out of the basement, up two flights of stairs and set up.  I love my new two-piece 4.5" tree, pre-lit with 450 lights and weighing just 18 lbs (Amazon).  I easily assembled it on a 24" high small table, making it a total of 6.5' in heig...

December 1, 2019

Don't you love Christmas tree skirts?  I especially like the handmade ones with lots of personality.  Growing up, my mom wrapped a white sheet at the base of the tree and called it a day.  For years, I used a length of moss green silk duponti.  Last year, we traded in our 8' tree for a 4-1/2' which we sat on a 24" high table but the whole thing didn't look quite right.  What do this year?  Turns out, the...

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