August 25, 2019

Maybe you've come across the IKEA Fladis basket.  It wasn't until I saw Martha Stewart's silver-painted Fladis baskets that I thought - fun Happy Hour project!  Let's take a look at how I gave it a little flower power.

Price reduced to $9.99 at IKEA in Emeryville, CA.  Baskets can also be folded in half.

I used plain white old house paint for the background.

In honor of the Woodstock concert 50th...

August 18, 2019

Sometimes the best "staycations" are unexpected.  We live just 25 minutes (via BART) from San Francisco's Union Square but it's been 7 months since I've been to "the City."  So when Jayne invited me to lunch last week, I was happy to jump on BART.

Jayne and I started out at Oren's Hummus, an Israeli restaurant.  The decor is cabin chic with industrial lighting, black and white penny tiles and an outr...

August 11, 2019

I'll admit it.  I've got a mad crush on those smokey, dark blues I keep seeing.  Moody and dramatic, a house full of blues would be an interesting way to live.  But where? Somewhere sunny like Palm Springs where it hit 121 on Monday?  Would dark blues make you feel cool?  If a whole house of blues seems a bit much, how about a blue single room?  Maybe a house of neutral interiors, a bit of blue here and...

August 4, 2019

For this Happy Hour, how about taking a look at the lampshades in your rooms?  Sometimes, the lamp speaks for itself and the lampshade is just along for the ride.  Other times, a $20 basic lamp is more than passable - what gives it away as generic is the lampshade.  This earthy shade is the perfect size for the lamp. The right lampshade is a little oversized and covers all the lamp hardware.  While an un...

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