October 18, 2020

Fall decorating makes me think of feathers.  Maybe it's the migrating birds or an upcoming turkey in the oven - who knows?  I do know that I love decorating our rooms with feathers. My very small collection consisted  of  turkey vulture feathers, inky black and strong.  Once in a while, there's one left on our deck.  I run out and capture it before the wind takes it away.   Each is charming and unique....

October 11, 2020

Oh, boy!  In 2017, I  wrote this article about my home office  but somehow,  it never got posted.  So this week, I'm publishing it so you can see the basics of my office.  Next week, we'll look at how this room has had a change in attitude.  If you're currently working from home - maybe more than ever - I hope this article will inspire a change or two in your environment....

October 4, 2020

Have you noticed that wallpaper is making a big comeback?  To be sure, it's a commitment, both in pattern and price.  Remember when you could paper an entire room for $100?  Now days, one roll can easily cost twice that much.  But, wallpaper is still a classic way to add detail to your rooms.  Framed as above is a unique way to use wallpaper.  To keep on trend and on a budget, here's some more ideas you...

September 27, 2020

Here's my way of keeping organized.

You know how some men, before the iAge, used to have a “little black book?"  This morning, my husband said, “Well, you have all those red books.”  I said, “I do not.”  He said, “Yes, you do.”  So, I went to my desk and there they were - all 5 of them.  I brought them out and said, “But these aren’t like a little black book.”  He said, “Yes, they are.”...

September 20, 2020

Happy Fall!   Doesn't it seem like we could use a little cheering up right about now?  Years ago, I stayed with a French Canadian family living in Nairobi, Kenya.  One fall day, a box arrived, filled with crisp orange and yellow maple leaves from their homeland.  I can't describe how excited everyone was.  That got me thinking that even rooms can cheer us up. Usually, fall brings me feathering the nest a...

September 13, 2020

Don't you love a screen in a room?  Just counting around here, there are two out right now and two in the basement waiting for that perfect time.  Seems like any room can benefit from a screen.  What other object is beautiful and practical at the same time?  Let's look at some fantastic screens and their place in rooms.  Once we're inspired, let's figure out how to make a screen for under $100....

September 6, 2020

Our refrigerator just turned 15.  I still love it as it's perfect for two people -  a  small side by side with white glass doors and long stainless handles.  This week, it's was time for a little birthday celebration.  First, I cleaned it from top to bottom, inside and out.  A makeover seemed a bit much but could a refrigerator be "tricked out?" 

Before I...

August 30, 2020


50 some years ago, British models Jean Shrimpton (top) and Twiggy were everywhere and truly the first Super Models (although that term hadn't been coined).  As you can see, they were sometimes covered in flowers.  Flowers dominated fashion and decor.  Let's have some fun seeing what was happening back then and how Flower Power is still with us today.  It's amazing that such movements are still influenc...

August 23, 2020

Are you staring into a dark fireplace box this summer?  Often overlooked, here's a great opportunity to do something unexpected in your room.  Styling a firebox can be a bit tricky.  The key is to make it cohesive with not too many elements.  In the photo above, a collection of white vases defines a summery look.  Easy to achieve by spray painting yard sales finds a flat white.  Let's take a look at some...

August 16, 2020

In the August heat, imagine your surprise to see this little fellow sheltering in place.  A Pacific Treefrog nestles in a dahlia flower in my friend, Connie's Oregon City garden. Imagine dahlia red and leaf green making a beautiful color palette for our rooms.  Let's take a look.

English cottage kitchen vibe in dahlia red and leaf green.

A summer spread  in bo...

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